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1 BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY 161 BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY 161 I. Instructors backgrounds II. Objectives III.Exams A. Format B. Deadlines V. Comments and questions BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY 161 COURSE DESCRIPTION : This course will examine the evolutionary bases of human variability. For this purpose, the course will deal with a review of the principles of human evolution, fossil evidence, behavioral and morphological characteristics of human and non- human primates, human inter-population differences, and environmental factors that account for these differences.
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2 HUMANKIND EVOLVING The course will cover: I. Biological Anthropology and Principles Of Evolution II. Genetic Basis Of Variability and Evolution III.Primate Evolution: Fossil Evidence IV.Human Evolution: Fossil Evidence V. Contemporary Variability: Biology, Society and Culture VI.Human Adaptability to Past and Present Environments ANTHROPOLOGY I. Cultural Anthropology: Ethnology, Social Anthropology II. Linguistics
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