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Study Questions Section I - Anthrbio 161 Study Questions...

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Anthrbio 161 Study Questions Exam I Lecture 1a: Biological Anthropology 1. De ne anthropology and its major disciplines f a. The study of humanity – our physical characteristics as animals, and out non biological characteristics as animals and our non bio-logical characteristics collectively referred to as culture. b. Its major disciplines 2. What are the major components of a scienti c eld? f f 3. Describe the purpose of biological anthropology 4. Why is biological anthropology considered a scienti c eld? f f 5. How does biological anthropology differ from other biological elds? f 6. Describe the major sub-disciplines or specializations of biological anthropology Lecture 1b: Development of evolutionary theory 1. Trace the history of intellectual thought leading to Darwin's theory starting with: John Ray, Linnaeus, Cuvier, Malthus, Lyell and W 2. allace. 3. What was John Ray's major contribution to biology and the development of evolutionary theory? 4. In which ways did Linnaeus and Buffon differ in their approach to the concept of evolution? 5. What are the bases of Lamarck's theory of acquired characteristics? Why is this theory incorrect? 6. What was Lamarck's contribution to nineteenth-century evolutionary ideas? 7. Explain Cuvier's catastrophism. 8. What did Malthus and Lyell contribute to Darwin's thinking on evolution? 9. What is the fixity of species? Why did it pose a problem for the development of evolutionary thinking? 10.
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Study Questions Section I - Anthrbio 161 Study Questions...

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