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blahhhh - Sushanth Boda English 125-013 DAnne Witkowski...

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Sushanth Boda 10/26/09 English 125-013 – D’Anne Witkowski Draft # 2 Stuck In The Dark “If he didn’t take it though, we couldn’t function as a family,” says Christina Koontz, a mother of a child diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. It is a disorder that is characterized by multiple episodes of both mania and depression. Her son is only four years old and is already on countless medication for his mood changes. The documentary film The Medicated Child, effectively exposes the truth behind bi-polar disorder in children. It illustrates everything from mis-diagnosis to the lack of knowledge in the drugs that are prescribed to limit its effects. The film presents this information in two different ways. By specifically only showing the children on video when they are on their medication and leaving the parents description to describe the children without it, is intended to create an emotional appeal. Secondly, throughout the documentary had many interviews with doctors and members the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) because these are two sources that the people have known to trust that they know how to handle fight the disorder. By showing how they are as lost as everyone else makes it very ironic that even they don’t know how to solve this. Creating an emotional attachment from the parents’ descriptions as well as showing the irony of the situation with doctors and the FDA, the documentary uncovers the unfortunate game that is being played on the children. One unique strategy that is used by the documentary is that children are never
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shown on video without their medication. Only the “normal” viewpoint is shown. DJ seems like any other kid, a happy four year old with a big smile on his face as he is hungrily engulfing his corn dog. The kids seem happy and the parents seem worry free during that period of time. The other side of the coin, however, is never revealed in the film. Through the words and descriptions given by the parents, does the audience see how
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