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Sushanth Boda English 125-013 Essay # 4 Draft #2 Change the Age Eighteen. This is the magical age where one is considered an adult and mature enough to make their own responsible life decisions. After turning eighteen, citizens of America are given many rights such as being selected for jury duty, allowed to vote and even be enlisted in the Armed Forces. However, the government views alcohol as a something that requires a higher age for it to be legal. 21. Three years after 18, is considered responsible enough to consume, purchase, or posses alcohol. So when an 18-year old is given all of these rights, the fact to legally drink alcohol is 21, is the heat of controversy for many people. Even in the past, the United States government has tried to stop the prohibition of alcohol twice, but has just resulted in backlash of society problems because it could not be properly enforced. As a result, the government is trying to fix a problem that is not broken, and needs to lower the legal drinking age to 18. Unknown to many people, alcohol has always been a part of American history, from the colonial period to present day. In colonial America people didn’t care about drinking unless it got out of hand. In fact in 1669, a law was even made against binge drinking (Hanson). Alcohol was also a big part of the Triangle Trade route, with breweries in America became prosperous and generated much needed revenue. Then in the Civil war, alcohol was used for many reasons throughout the conflict. It was used in place of Anesthesia, because it was cheaper and considered to be more effective than an anesthesiologist (Hanson). In addition, nurses used alcohol to cure ailments, fight internal diseases, and prevent infection. Also, each soldier was given a 4 oz ration of alcohol before battle, to get them into a more fighting mentality. Alcohol has been commonly present and used throughout history for various reasons. It shouldn’t have to be treated as a taboo in today’s society. However, entering the 1920’s the U.S. government declared national prohibition on alcohol by ratifying the eighteenth amendment, to reduce the crime and corruption in society. However, all this did was just move the alcohol from warehouse and breweries to the safety of peoples home and other places where the drinking of alcohol could not be seen (Thornton). Also, since brewing wasn’t allowed in the United
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Draft # 2 Essay # 4 - 1 Sushanth Boda English 125-013 Essay...

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