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Sushanth Boda 10/02/09 English 125-013 Draft # 1 Study like there’s no tomorrow, and then study again “No. I'm gonna be honest with you. The only reason I'm applying is so my dad will keep paying for my apartment. I really don't have a desire to go to med school,” says Kumar. “ But you have perfect MCAT scores!” says Dr. Willoughby. Harold and Kumar show the comical version of an Indian American. Although I don’t have as exciting a life as Kumar, I also have the identity of an Indian American. Having been brought up by Indian Culture, you learn the value of education. Not just learning, it becomes engrained in your mind and taught to you that nothing can possibly be more important. However, having been brought up in an Indian Culture can be difficult with other parts of your life. Mine for example, was my love for tennis. Ever since I was 6 years old it was my favorite sport to play. Then as I grew older it not only became my favorite hobby, but part of my life. As I look back though, I am glad that these two identities were part of my life because they made me who I am today. Having spent so much of my life playing tennis, while having parents who are strict about education, has helped me manage my time wisely as well become open minded and more responsible as a person. Having both of these identities helps me find balance in life and doesn’t keep one from taking over. Even though my parents are really strict when it comes to school, I never really understood why they thought that until I went to
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Sushanth Boda 10/02/09 English 125-013 Draft # 1 India last summer. My grandparents explained to me their life struggle they went though just to make sure that their children, (my mom and dad) would have a good life. They would walk 5 miles everyday to school because they didn’t have any sort of transportation, and buying
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Engligh Essay Draft - Sushanth Boda 10/02/09 English...

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