Essay Draft #2 - 1 Sushanth Boda English 125-013 Draft # 2...

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Sushanth Boda English 125-013 Draft # 2 “Title” Imagine having your whole life already planned out for you. Typical children around the world, grow up thinking they can become anything they want – a police officer, a lawyer or even the President. However in India, the caste system keeps a shackle around their ambitions. The Hindu caste system is unique in the world, because it is a hierarchal structure that differentiates people based on their caste, and assigns each one its own specific place in society. They socialized, ate, married, worked, and worshipped within their own caste. Although the Caste system has been illegal for more than fifty years, it is still followed by the majority of Indians and continues to shape the people’s lives. Right from my birth, being born into a low caste put me at an unfair disadvantage compared to everyone else in India. However moving to America, “the land of the free”, got rid of this grip on my life. Here, there are no such social barriers that plan out people’s lives. Having been fused with both the caste based environment and the “free” environment in America has changed my life for the better. The clash of identities has made me realize not to take anything for granted and to fully appreciate the fact that you can do what you want to do, rather than what you are born to do. Education is one of the many things the dreaded caste system has a tight leash on. In India the poverty rates are astoundingly high, so receiving a good education is one of the main priorities parents have for their children. They want their kids to be successful and to have a better life than the poverty – stricken lifestyle their parents had. When one is deemed to be in a low caste however, it seems like almost everything is against them. Firstly they are not allowed to go to certain school because they are considered inferior.
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Essay Draft #2 - 1 Sushanth Boda English 125-013 Draft # 2...

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