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Geographic Information Systems Project Proposal By: Pearloma Dias Digpalsinh Gohil Danny Keeshan Mansee Shah 11/8/2009
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The three views of GIS presented through Case Studies Database view : Productos Ramo SA is a snack food company in Columbia that used ArcGIS Server along with an Oracle RDMS to perform the company’s client survey minimizing the time taken to conduct it to 4.5 months instead of the traditional one year. Helps company improve business strategy and customer service. ramo sa.pdf Map view : The use of intelligent maps that show geographic relief and the relationships between geographic structures. This category will feature Google Earth which is one of the most used GIS in public domain. The impact of Google Earth on small business will be examined by looking at the strategies of TruGreen, a lawn mowing company. The owner, Barrett Ersek, minimized the time required to give the customer a price quote by using Google Earth. He
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GIS-ProjectProposal - Geographic InformationSystems...

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