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AIS2958 Formation of Modern Korea (1945~ 1980’s) I
In-Class Group Discussion Work in group, choose one of the period of Korean history below. What is the most interesting (to you and your group members) social/cultural events/issues of the era? Summarize and share the findings in class. 1) 1945~1950’s 2) 1960’s 3) 1970’s 4) 1980’s 5) 1990’s 6) 2000~ present Ode to my father trailer Going home
Documentary Viewing The Dynamic Development of Korean Democracy https://
1945-1950’s 1945 Korea was liberated from Japanese occupation. Cold War between super powers began Korea was divided into two at the 38 th parallel -- Soviet troops occupied north, US troops occupied the south May 1948 The first democratic election held in South Korea 1948 Aug 15 Establishment of South Korea ( Rhee Syngman ) Sep 9 Establishment of North Korea ( Kim Il Seong )
August 1948 The First Republic began (President Rhee Syngman 이승만 李承晩 ) 1948-1950 Tension between Two Koreas grew bigger. 1950 Compulsory education of primary school implemented Increase of literacy 1950-1953 Korean War Civil war (North vs. South) + Cold War (USSR vs US) July 1953 Armistice agreement was signed
Rebirth of Nation (1954 ~ 1960) After Korean war, South Korea was sustained by crucial US military, economic and political support. The president, Rhee strengthened his control through corruption and political repression. The pace of economic growth remained slow.
1960’s 1960 April 19 Revolution (4.19) Rhee wants to extend his presidency through the 4 th elections of March 1960. Students and citizens fiercely protested. In Masan ( 馬山 ) Harbor, a body of a high school student, Kim Ju Yeol was found. He was killed by a tear-gas shell. Student groups overthrew the 1st Republic and finally Rhee resigned. The Second Republic was formed but political freedom remains limited.