SP 10 UGBA 170-1 _Tues._ Syllabus

SP 10 UGBA 170-1 _Tues._ Syllabus - UGBA 170 BUSINESS...

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Unformatted text preview: UGBA 170 BUSINESS ETHICS FOR THE 21 st CENTURY Spring 2010 COURSE SYLLABUS CCN 08730 UGBA 170-1: TUESDAY 4:10-5:55 p.m. 135 Cheit Hall, Haas [Other section : UGBA 170-2, Thursday, 4:10-5:55 p.m., 135 Cheit Hall, Haas] Instructor: Jack Phillips (http://www.haas.berkeley.edu/faculty/phillips.html) Office: F496 Haas Faculty Wing Mailbox: F578 Haas Faculty Wing, Box R PHILLIPS (bottom/6 th from right) Phone: 510-643-4192 Email: phillips@haas.berkeley.edu Office Hours: (By appointment) Required: 1) Course Reader (Copy Central Northside, Hearst at Euclid) 2) Palmer, Helen: The Enneagram Advantage (Reprint) (CC Northside) 3) Riso & Hudson: The Wisdom of the Enneagram (Cal Bookstore) Purpose : The purpose of this course is to strengthen the ability to anticipate, critically analyze, appropriately respond to, and provide leadership regarding, ethical issues you will confront as employees and eventually as managers of people, projects, and enterprises. This course will proceed from the recognition that human activity now exerts macrophase influence on all aspects of planetary function, and that we share a concomitant responsibility to discover and express decision-making wisdom commensurate with this power. The course will explore those characteristics of human nature that hinder realization of maximum individual and collective potential as well as those characteristics and practices that can, with cultivation, allow us to more fully realize our inherent integration, imagination, creative capacity, and fully-satisfying participation in the Earth adventure. Instruction will be based on lecture and case analysis, supplemented by topical and philosophical articles and essays....
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SP 10 UGBA 170-1 _Tues._ Syllabus - UGBA 170 BUSINESS...

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