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which act as barriers to diffusion of most large molecules 1 Cells need to take in molecules from their environment… …and they need to target other proteins to their surfaces and to speciFc compartments (organelles) within the cell These processes involve membrane budding and fusion to form new compartments (vesicles) EXOCYTOSIS (Exo = out Cyto = cell) a.k.a. SECRETION ENDOCYTOSIS (Endo = within Cyto = cell) 2 Protein sorting involves a “bucket brigade” through a series of membrane-bound compartments and vesicles 3 Overview of vesicle-mediated protein trafFcking This lecture will focus on experimental approaches and the features common to all steps in trafFcking. Note: the topology of vesicles - the cytoplasmic face is always the cytoplasmic face. 4 Membrane-associated and soluble proteins are synthesized in the Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER), and then move into the Golgi apparatus. There, they are tagged in a variety of ways so that the cell can target them to the proper ultimate destination. 5 The Golgi apparatus appears as a layered structure. It contains discrete compartments, called cis, medial, and trans. Membrane vesicles continually are continually budding and fusing between these compartments, so they are really a continuum. 6
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DernburgLecture3_2-3-10_forprinting - Cells and their...

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