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Reading and questions for Dernburg Lecture 1, January 29, 2010 No reading prior to this lecture was expected. I would strongly encourage you to read Lodish, Chapter 1, especially pp. 1-14, which should be a review of material from Bio1A. If you feel shaky about the major cellular roles of DNA, RNA, and proteins, now would be a good time to bone up on this since it underlies everything we will discuss. The lecture also covered much of the material in Lodish Chapter 9, section 9.2-9.3, pp. 380-390. Note: the Lodish chapters are at the beginning of the custom text. Supplemental reading: If you are interested in the history of microscopy in biological sciences, Nature Cell Biology recently created an outstanding online resource called “ Milestones in Light Microscopy .” Check it out at: http://www.nature.com/milestones/milelight/index.html Study/thought questions:
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