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th and 8 th , 2010 (Sorry for the late posting!) Friday’s lecture will cover 2 major topics. The first part will be a continuation of the discussion of vesicle-mediated protein trafficking - basically the part of Chapter 14 in Lodish that I didn’t get to on Wednesday. This includes mechanisms of vesicle fusion and endocytosis, and the concept of cisternal maturation in the Golgi complex. If you’ve already read Chapter 14, you’ll be in good shape. The second half of the lecture will be an introduction to cell signaling pathways, a topic which will continue through Monday’s lecture. This topic is split between two chapters of Lodish, Chapters 15 and 16. On Friday (2/5) I plan to introduce cell signaling and talk about G-protein coupled receptors. This corresponds to the Introduction to Chapter 15, and sections 15.1 (pp. 625-627), 15.3 (632-635), and 15.4 (635-640). On Monday (2/8), I will cover material from sections 15.6, 15.7, and 15.8. I will also talk about selected topics in Chapter 16, but this chapter goes into far more detail than what
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Dernburg_Lecture4_5_R_Q - Reading and Questions for...

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