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achievement paper

achievement paper - Prevention Distract Manager took me and...

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Elisa Robertson Achievement paper Sales 1480 1-27-10 1 When I was 8 I preformed on a float with this “80’s” dance group in a parade. 2 I enjoy the outdoors hanging out with friends and family camping. Anything to do with a motor and the outdoors I really enjoy for example four-wheeling, boating, and off-roading. 3 Math and Accounting 4. *7 Nail Technician *10 Loss prevention award *2 Promotion to management *1 Having my daughter *5 Buying my first jeep Finishing a really bad temp job *9 Learning how to ride a four wheeler Fixing my alternator Math Club President *6 High School diploma *4 Associates of Science degree Changing my fuel filter by dropping the gas tank Going up Sand Mountain on the Banchee *8 Getting my firt job *3 Moving out of my mom and dad’s. 9 #1 loss prevention award I just got promoted and transferred to new store created fun chart to t5rach high theft areas. My manager entered my idea and chart idea to corporate and I won award. Then the loss
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Unformatted text preview: Prevention Distract Manager took me and my staff to dinner. 10. Travel the world, go on cruises and explore new terrain. One day buy some property deep in the woods and run a farm live with my husband in the mountains enjoying the sounds of nature. 11. I would like to be Angelina Jolie live like a rock star/party like a rock star and be really rich. 12. I would leave a necklace with my name in Hebrew because it is something that means so much to me and is unique to anyone in this area. I would want my daughter to have it. 13. Elisa Mae Young born 12-22-83 to 1-27-10, A Party in a Bag. 14. Good listener, loving, caring, willing to help anyone out, outgoing. 15. Hard time talking to new people, not good at selling myself, aggressive and mean at times, Dress unprofessional, and appearance....
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achievement paper - Prevention Distract Manager took me and...

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