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Assignment#1 - StatTools Assignment#1 This assignment has...

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StatTools Assignment #1 – This assignment has two parts. Before beginning this assignment, be sure to carefully read the General Instructions document and the Assignment in the Course web page. 1. Use StatTools to generate information to help you summarize the data. a. Numerically: Determine the count, the mean growth, the standard deviation of growth, the 5-number summary of growth, and the IQR (inter-quartile range) of growth for the Asian countries and for the Eastern European countries. (See the General Instructions document for help.) Growth (Asia) Growth (EastEurope) One Variable Summary Data Set #1 Data Set #1 Mean 4.725 0.708 Std. Dev. 2.049 5.174 Median 4.200 1.200 Minimum 1.300 -12.100 Maximum 8.800 7.000 Count 12 13 1st Quartile 2.900 -1.650 3rd Quartile 5.900 3.650 Interquartile Range 3.000 5.300 b. Graphically: Create a box plot of the growth data for each of Asia and Eastern Europe. (See the General Instructions document for help.) Box Plot of Comparison of Growth / Data Set #1 Region = Asia Region = EastEurope -15 -10 -5 0 5 10 2. Communicate what you learn from the data by answering the following questions. a. What type of data is the Growth data? What type of data is the Region data? The Growth data is interval and the Region data is nominal.
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b. What shape (skewed left, symmetric, skewed right) is the Growth data for each of the two regions? Support your choice with information from both the numerical summary and the graphical summary.
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