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383Q2'07key - c about 85 to 90 B(any answer in this range...

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CHE 383 Theory-Practice Quiz #2 Nov. 29, 2007 Name___________ Key ________________________ 1a. A b. A c. They will all increase. 2a. To insure good conversion of the alcohol to the ester. (Because unreacted carboxylic acid can be removed by extraction but unreacted alcohol cannot.) b. It might contain (more) unreacted alcohol. 3. Because ether has a very low boiling point, and might have boiled vigorously if added to the hot flask. (If it boiled over this could have resulted in loss of product.) 4a. about 100° C (any answer between 95 and 105 is acceptable) b. about 48% (any answer between 45 and 50% is acceptable)
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Unformatted text preview: c. about 85 to 90% B (any answer in this range is acceptable) boiling point about 110° C (any answer between 105 and 115 is acceptable) 5. + KOH-K + (+ H 2 O) 6a. 18 electrons b. 18 electrons give the iron atom a noble gas (Kr) configuration (a filled outer electron shell), which makes the compound especially stable. 7. To prevent the ferrocene from subliming, rather than melting. 8a. C about 3100 cm-1 (to the left of 3000 cm-1 or >3000 cm-1 ): this peak is due to unsaturated (sp2) C-H about 1650 cm-1 : this is due to the C=C double bond 8b. A about 1725 cm-1 : this peak is due to the C=O (carbonyl group)...
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