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Collegiate Sprint Football League Fact Sheet (2)

Collegiate Sprint Football League Fact Sheet (2) -...

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Collegiate Sprint Football League What: The Collegiate Sprint Football League (CSFL) has the same rules as NCAA college football, except that the weight limit for football players is 172.0 pounds. Execution is the focus in sprint football as opposed to the weight room. Players are schooled on the basics and provide fans with an exciting brand of textbook football. Who: The Collegiate Sprint Football League consists of 7 teams: Army Navy Cornell University Princeton University University of Pennsylvania Mansfield University Post University Schedule/Practice Regulations: Teams compete in a 7-game schedule. The final 5 games of the season are played against league opponents to determine the league standings and league champion. Teams are allowed 15 days of official practice in the fall and no practice is allowed in the spring. Weigh Certification: The week leading up to a given contest will consist of a weigh-in for each participant.
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