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Unformatted text preview: Name __---'-I~--+---------- Fall 2008, 4:122 Exam 3 page 1 of 5 1) Enter the structures In the correct order, Lowest first, highest last. [1 pt each correct answer; 3 pts each part) a) increasing rate of hydrolysis (rxn wi H 2 0) c < ?1 < ~ o II CHj:CI B b) increasing amount of enolate formed with 1 equiv of CH 3 0' A < < C. o 0 0 II II II Q-!3COH CH30CCH2COCH3 ~\~ C c) increasing order of basicity A G ~ < < d) increasing order of basicity t < g < A o 0 II II EtOCCHCOEt 5 S 2) Draw the structure or enter the requested information. [3 pts each) [Only a part structure is required.) A1't 1lX." ~tV'O ,~ Lt~ M-CV\~-;z,t~ \ (p'" . d)~NMR after mixing I reaction _~~~ __ (U !L c) H-NMR before mixing ow the bond in a ~-Iacta~(esponsible for penicillin resistance. 11-P-'rf) Jt-l The ketone was mixed with DO' and 2 0 in an H-NMR sample. b) a) A common feature of the conversion of a carboxylic acid to an acid chloride and to an amide....
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Exam%203%20grading%20key%2008Nov19 - Name...

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