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Take Home for Quiz 1

Take Home for Quiz 1 - half 1 st cast horse monument since...

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Take Home for Quiz 1 1. Donatello. David . 1446-60. Early Renaissance. First half. Cast in bronze Classical idealism Done in lost wax process 1 st nude statue in the round since antiquity Bold to show an Old Testament figure in the nude David looks like a young teen Light and shadows play to make it look soft Closed sculpture- not reaching into space with motion, sword blocks hand, eyes cast down Posed, calm classical post – controposto, weight on right leg Side pose shows slimness of body and angular nature Back pose shows weight shift Generic, idealized face Nude, but he had a helmet/hat and boots on to contrast nudity and showcase nudity Sharp hat and hair and detailed boots contrast softness of body 2. Donatello. Equestrian Monument of Gattamelata . 1445- 50. Early Renaissance. First
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Unformatted text preview: half. 1 st cast horse monument since antiquity Horses left foot is resting on a cannonball Rigid profile pose Horses shin looks smooth and thick, tail and mane are rigid- face has slightly more detail Rider is rigid as well, sitting stiffly- face is specific and military sharp (not idealized) with bushy eyebrows- face of a strong and capable military leader. 4. Parmigianino. The Madonna with the Long Neck . c. 1535. Mannerism. Displays elegance of form, line and color Enthroned Madonna holding Christ on her lap Vertical composition Up front Madonna, Proportions are all wrong Asymmetrical composition but balanced with color Small man in the corner is supposed to be a prophet but the perspective is wrong Has the wet look of clothing (colors change)...
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