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BI212: Cell Structure part 1 Study Guide: Use this to guide your studies. This is not meant to represent all the things we talked about or all the things that may be on the exam. Some vocabulary terms to learn: Plasma membrane Matrix Cytoplasm Cristae Cytosol Cytoskeleton Organelles Motor protein Nucleus Microtubule Nuclear Envelope Microfilament Nuclear Lamina Intermediate filament Nuclear Pores Tubulin Chromosome Actin Chromatin Keratin Ribosomes (Free and Bound) Centrosome Endomembrane System Centrioles Endoplasmic Reticulum (smooth & rough) Cilia Cisternae of ER Flagella Transport Vesicle Basal body Glycoprotein Dynein Golgi apparatus Cats Cis and trans face of Golgi Gel & Sol Cisternal maturation model Pseudopodia Mitochondria Myosin Some questions to think about: How many times did Dr. Chang say the word “ass” on Friday, Jan 9 th ’s lecture? What was one purpose of the nuclear pores?
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Unformatted text preview: What are the purposes of free and bound ribosomes? What are the bound ribosomes bound to? What constitutes the endomembrane system (ignore the two organelles we skipped)? How are they connected? Do they all have the same parts and functions? What are the functions of the smooth and rough ER? Describe how a sequence of DNA is eventually translated into a protein and how that protein will be shipped outside of the cell. Your answer should include all the processes that work on the molecules and the organelles that are involved. What does the cisternal maturation model tell us about the Golgi apparatus? How does the Golgi apparatus work? Compare and contrast the 3 components of the cytoskeleon. What are the roles of motor proteins? How does the 9 + 2 arrangement of microtubules impart movement to cilia and flagella? What does muscle contraction work?...
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Cell_structure_part_1_study_guide - What are the purposes...

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