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9 weeks exam review Environmental Science 1) Know all laboratory safety rules. 2) Know all the steps of the Scientific Method 3) Difference between independent and dependant variable. Unit 1: Ecology 1) Define ecology, habitat, abiotic and biotic. 2) Understand flow of energy within a system and the different ways that it can be depicted. 3) Understand all relationships in ecology and the different types of symbiosis. 4) Define carrying capacity and its importance. 5) Know all matter cycles. Unit 2: Plate tectonics and geology 1) Understand the theory of plate tectonics 2) Know the layers of the earth and their composition.
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Know the different types of rocks and understand the rock cycle 4) Know how to identify Rocks and Minerals Unit 3: Energy 1) Know how to calculate work, PE, KE. 2) Know how to calculate efficiency & system efficiency 3) Know the Laws of Thermodynamics and how they relate to efficiency Unit 4: Population 1) Understand what limits population growth 2) Define and apply exponential growth 3) Compare exponential growth to the growth of an animals population. 4) What causes the change in exponential growth when applied to an animals population?...
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