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So Yoon Lee (Sophie) Session14728 USC ID 9356755542 Assignment #1 Chpt 5: Natural Disasters and the Decisions That Follow 1. His quote about making a “sound business decision” revealed decision-making biases in regards to both internal and external influences. When evaluating all possible options including all factors and making the decision that is the best for the welfare of the company as opposed to the welfare of a specific party. It seemed unethical to each and every homeowner because it was only on the perspective of the company. Even though it sounded as if he was unfair to the 40,000 home owners, in fact, it was good for the company’s own benefit. 2. Randomness error is relevant, because the airlines have to take chances on whether the weather is going to be nice or not. 3. Performance evaluation is an organizational constraint that took part in each of the business decisions because b the external influences had a direct effect on the performance of the
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Unformatted text preview: company. For example, taking on each claim during the hurricane disaster, there would have been severe consequences on the companys performance. Reward systems also plays a role in the decisions made by the businesses because the risks involved from the external factors constitutes the certain decisions made for the company. 4. Yes, all three of them considered ethics into their decisions, however, each individual decisions favored the outcome based on the gravity of the situation. Although ethics of the individual clients were taken into account, these business decisions were generally based on the welfare of the company while hoping to resolve the conflicts at a more personal level. It is increasingly difficult to consider the welfare of each individual when the company as whole can not undertake the problems of the entire clientele....
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