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Unformatted text preview: Making Memories of Us Keith Urban - Be Here Written By - Rodney Crowell These chords should be right. I noticed the other tabs for this song are missing the G#m7's in the verse and in the bridge. Also, in the live version on AOL Sessions, Keith plays a B chord in between each line of the chorus. I have them in perenthesis because they aren't needed, but it adds more to the song. Live version is capo 1, CD version is without a capo --verse -- E B I'm gonna be here for ya baby G#m7 A I'll be a man of my word, E B C#m - B - A Speak the language in a voice that you have never heard, --verse 2-- E B I wanna sleep with you forever, G#m7 A And I wanna die in your arms, E B C#m - B - A In a cabin by a meadow where the wild bees swarm, --chorus-- A E (E - B) I'm gonna love you, A E (E - B) like nobody loves you, A C#m B E And I'll earn your trust makin memories of us, --verse 3-- I wanna honor your mother, I wanna learn from your pa', I wanna steal your attention like a bad outlaw, --verse 4-- I wanna stand out in a crowd for you, a man among men, I wanna make your world better than it's ever been, (to chorus) --bridge-- G#m7 C#m We'll follow the rainbow, A E Wherever the four winds blow, G#m7 C#m There'll be a new day, A Bsus4 - B Comin' your way, --verse 5-- I'm gonna be here for you from now on, This you know somehow, You've been stretched to the limits but it's alright now, --verse 6-- And I'm gonna make you a promise, If there's life after this, I'm gonna be there to meet you with a warm wet kiss, --chorus-- A E (E - B) I'm gonna love you, A E (E - B) like nobody loves you, A C#m B E And I'll earn your trust makin memories of us, A E I'm gonna love you, A E like nobody loves you, A C#m B E And I'll win your trust makin memories of us, Comments This is an excellent tab...wish it had the intro and outro...I guess I COULD just listen to the song, but I'm too lazy :D Good tab, though. -Smoothie7745 | 3/28/2005 i'm taking a stab at the live intro... its more complicated than it sounds -tayball89 | 3/29/2005 hey man this is an amazing thing you did for me.(i talked to u on the message board) : ) -Derek_Cave99 | 3/29/2005 in the verse the G#m7 should be a E/G# E/G#-422100 or easier 4x2100 -KU_isbestever | 3/29/2005 Watching the AOL sessions performace, it looks as if he's playing an E/G#, but to me it sounds more like a G#m7... and in the live intro (which i am tabbing out), he clearly plays a G#m7 at the same part he would play it in the verse, so I am wondering why the intro would be E, B, G#m7, A when the verses are E, B, E/G#, A -tayball89 | 3/29/2005 Intro- E (Hold 2 Measures) G#m7 A Verse- E B E/G# A Keith can be very complicated to watch and its hard to make your guitar sound just like his sometimes (i know this from experience) so watch what he plays and try to figure out how he makes the sound with that chord and it'll make you a better guitar player with more correct tabs. O yea and he does the live intro the same way just holds the E with his index finger baring over the A and D string while doing the intro i have already posted and the site. -KU_isbestever | 3/29/2005 this sounds absolutely correct to me! awesome job! -Nashvillechick | 3/30/2005 PERFECT!!!! -denalitwinkie2s | 4/6/2005 Man this sounds great to me :) EXCELLENT -drewj_89 | 4/13/2005 Haven't compared it to the cd, but sounds good for a nice humm and strum. Nice job and thank you for your effort. -Andrew | 4/14/2005 its not c#m...its just c# ---4-- ---6-- ---6-- ---6-- ---4-- ------ -chad_jarnigan | 4/14/2005 no, its definately not just c#... its clearly a minor there -tayball89 | 4/15/2005 Great Job on the tab my friend... You made my Wife very happy. HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE!!!! -tuhy2 | 4/15/2005 Great Job Man This is awesome. My girlfriend loves it when I play it for her -Jamespiano | 4/20/2005 the g#m7 def sounds better than the c#m to me. funny this song is on the cherry bombs album and i got no play until you know who decides to release it. thats the popularity contest, i mean music business. -ryanxpress | 4/21/2005 do any of u guitar pros have a easy way of doing a b chord..that chord is a pain in the... -paramedic79ca | 4/28/2005 anybody tab those cool little accents he does in transition? -oshdaddy | 4/29/2005 Is this song not just a bunch of tabs instead of chords? Be gentle with your reply, I'm a newbie on the guitar and don't know any better yet. Feel free to take me to school : ) -adolphus | 5/1/2005 thanks for figuring this out.i tried to figure it out and couldnt get it as close as this it may not be perfect ,but its close enough so that if your not a musician or critic then youll never know the difference.great job -klx400 | 5/8/2005 I like "Nobody Drinks Alone" alot more. Some of Keith's songs are too whiney for me. -WildCard76 | 5/12/2005 Can someone make a tab for the live version on aol sessions, its very confusing to try to play what he is playing, when you dont know what strings to play, when to hit, and all the good stuff -derrillvezina | 5/23/2005 an easier way of making a Bmin is finger an E up in the 8th fret...If you are playing an E A B progression, you can move up the neck from E in the 1st and second to an E fingering in the 6th and 7th for an A to E fingering in the 8th and 9th for a Bmin. I play a lot of songs this way...Mainly We Just Disagree and She Talks To Angels. I also play the rhythm on this song that way if I have a lead player. NOTE: I don't have my guitar in front of me, so I may be a fret # off. Never said I was perfect. ;l Bmin Cheat --------- ---9----- ---9----- ---8----- --------- --------- -bandit28876 | 5/26/2005 Another way of playing a B chord is --0-- --0-- --4-- --4-- --2-- --0-- This type of chord (power chord) is used a lot in praise/worship music, but it fits great for this song, especially if you're going to do the C#m-B-A riff. If you pick the A, D, and G strings from those three chords, it sounds similar to the accents Keith plays. Great tab! -clayirish88 | 6/8/2005 what's G#m7 ????? -Stickgirl007 | 6/17/2005 This is the best song in the world. I'm glad some one can tab it right, it sounds awsome. I give it A BIG 10 This is awsome! Peace out Dilli -DIlli | 6/21/2005 could someone tell Stickgirl007 and I wut G#m7 is???? We'd greatly appreciate it! Thx -ras0611 | 6/22/2005 -4- -4- -4- -4- -6- -4- -cettin33 | 6/23/2005 can anyone tell me the come down he does at the end of the verses. i have experienmented alot myself but i cant get it to sound right. any help would be appreciated greatly. and great job wit the chords -ragan8640 | 6/24/2005 I'm pretty confident that the E/G# figure should be used in the verses in place of the G#m (or G#m7). It's way more harmonic. Other than that I think the chart is fine. My 2 cents. -tee-aatch-see | 6/28/2005 A G#m7 is --4-- e --4-- B --4-- G --4-- D --6-- A --4-- E -Dblade | 7/9/2005 I don't think he has his finger on the 6E string when he's plucking the live version's B chord. Also, it's most certainly a G#m7 for the verses. The E/G# ain't it. -spacepiston | 7/17/2005 Great tab, Tayball. I know from experience that Rodney Crowell songs aren't always easy to tab, so my hat's off to ya! -twizzle05 | 7/28/2005 how should i pick these chords? i want to get this song perfect. im only 15 and i want to surprise my mom for her birthday. if you could email me on how to pick this id appreciate it. my email is thanks -pokerchamp1 | 8/2/2005 what is the strumming pattern for this song? I'm not good at figuring those out. If you know, please post! -kiki84 | 8/10/2005 Perfect tab of a great song!!!! -abenvenga35 | 8/16/2005 If anyone knows how to pick these chords, it would be greatly appreciated if they could email me or post them! Thank you! -dsmitt | 8/18/2005 girlfriend will be happy now - excellent work -jomini | 8/23/2005 Awesome--I'm glad I found this. Can someone email me the strum pattern as I'm new to guitar and terrible at picking it out. ( Thanks... -DbbleD | 8/31/2005 Would anybody mind sending them to me too? -Fishnplay | 9/7/2005 Could i add my name on the list for someone to email me the strum pattern, too? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :D -countrygirl1212 | 9/9/2005 instead of G#m i like to play E/G# like this: e 0 b 0 G 4 D 2 A x E 4 -greghackenberg | 9/10/2005 Another strum and/or picking pattern request. -kenchristner | 9/12/2005 OMG if you could hit me up with that picking pattern that would be soo awesome!! add me to msn too if ya want THANKS!! -ztkraptor | 9/21/2005 Great job on this song...not a easy one to figure out by any means. But sounds great when you do :) One VERY EASY song to strum along to by Keith is .."Your the only one" from his very first CD. Thanks again for the tab!! -dawg8215 | 11/10/2005 i was wondering if somebody could email me the strum pattern for this song i just cant figure it out. thanks -thedeuce62 | 11/29/2005 A few months back I requested the struming pattern, but I forgot to put my email. My email is Thank you! -dsmitt | 12/11/2005 ive gotta get the strum pattern too- excellent song- good work -jashment | 12/14/2005 yet another newbie asking for a picking pattern. Isn't that how Keith plays the chords in this song by picking them. If someone could help me out that would be awesome! -urbangirl15 | 2/16/2006...
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