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Questions 1. What “fills Jimmy with dread”? (“A flat peanut butter head with a gleaming jelly smile, raisins for teeth” p.265) 2. What does Snowman find in the cupboards and what does he hope to do with it? (A windup radio; hear other people p.273) Summary Notes Flashback to Jimmy’s childhood in a dream, he hears scraping and can’t figure out where it’s coming from, he sees the bird clock and knows that something’s not right- dream ends, he awakens in the guardhouse Trapped in guardhouse, landcrab inside and pigoons outside Goes upstairs, escapes pigoons and finds guards supplies, cots, etc. Flashback to Crake calling him an addict – ironic because Crake himself was an
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Unformatted text preview: addict, just not to cigarettes (p.272) • Radio gives Jimmy hope, but he can’t remember how to use it – hears a voice, realizes he may not be alone (foreshadowing) • Snowman’s cut is one of his main worries – he has gone from a time where anything can be healed, changed, replaced to a time where even the smallest injury could be life threatening. • “If I’d killed Crake earlier, thinks Snowman, would it have made any difference?”- Same question wondered about many evil dictators, especially Hitler. Connections to Hitler continue – Crake’s perfect race....
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