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STAT 212 Final Examination Wednesday, December 10, 2008, 19:00 – 22:00 I) Write your name, test, and date in the space provided with a #2 pencil . On the Class Name/Abb. Line, write your professor’s name and time of your section. Sections are as follows… Section 2: Holt 9:30am TR Section 3: Holt 11am TR Section 4: Strazzeri 2pm MW II) Important : Write and bubble in your UVA Computing ID (i.e. kcs6g) in the spaces provided. Leave blank spaces to the right (left justify). For example if your computing ID has 5 letters/numbers, there should be 4 blank spaces following it. III) Bubble in only one answer per question with a #2 pencil and be sure that all erasures are complete. IV) Be sure to write out the pledge in full and sign it in the spaces provided on the reverse side of the answer form. Improperly pledged exams will not be accepted and result in a grade of F on this exam. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1) A group of 200 sixth-grade students was given a standardized test and obtained scores ranging from 42 to 88. If the scores tended to “bunch up” in the low 80s, the shape of the distribution would be a) symmetrical b) positively skewed c) negatively skewed d) bimodal 2) Which one of the following is used to graphically display categorical data? a) histogram b) line graph c) stem plots d) pie chart 3) For a symmetric distribution, in general the a) mean and the median are the same b) mean is larger than median c) mean is smaller than median d) relationship between mean and median is unknown 4) A 20-item statistics test was graded using the following procedure: A correct response is scored +1, a blank response is scored 0, and an incorrect response is scored -1. The highest possible score is +20 and the lowest possible score is -20. Because the variance of the test scores for the class was computed to be -3, we conclude that a) overall, the class scored poorly on the test b) the test was too difficult for the class c) some students received negative scores d) a computational error was made 5) Suppose there are 30 students in a class. The 18 male students in the class have a mean score of 72, and the 12 female students in the class have a mean score of 78. The mean score of the whole class is a) 72 b) 72.5 c) 74.4 d) 78
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6) Which of the following is not true? a) Correlation measures the direction and strength of the linear relationship between two variables b) The correlation can be calculated between a quantitative variable and a categorical variable c) Positive r indicates positive association between the variables, and negative r indicates negative association d) The correlation r is always a number between -1 and 1 7) An instructor at Arizona State University asked a random sample of eight students to record their study times in a beginning calculus course. Then she runs a regression between the total hours studied (x) over 2 weeks and test score (y) at the end of the 2
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fall2008finalexam - STAT 212 Final Examination Wednesday...

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