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MGCR382-IB-syllabus-Winter-2010 - INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS...

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Course Description and Objectives : This course offers a small window onto the expanded world of international business. Rapid changes in the global economy present both challenges and opportunities to firms operating internationally. This course aims to provide the future international manager with analytical skills to understand better economic and political aspects of the global business environment, and how these affect firms. The course is designed to be a foundation for further studies in international business and related fields. The course aims to achieve the following: (1) expose students to the complexities of the international business environment and its major agents; INTERNATIONAL   BUSINESS Instructors:  Nicholas Matziorinis                       Sujata Madan Phone:  514-398-4000                                      514 398- 4062  e-mail:  [email protected] [email protected] Office: Bronfman 648                                   Bronfman 511 Office hours: Bronf 648 by appointment               Bronf  TBA  Instructors:  Jeroen Struben Phone:  514 398-4033 e-mail:  [email protected] Office: Bronfman 405 Semester:         Winter 2010 Course Number: MGCR 382 Sections  CRN 1170 Section 001  MW     16:00-17:30   BRONFMAN 151     CRN 1174 Section 071     W     18:00-21:00   BRONFMAN 151 Teaching Assistants:    TBA Secretary: Kathi Murphy                                 e-mail:      kathi.murphy     @mcgill.ca     Office:  Bronfman 491                                Phone:    514-398-1255
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(2) familiarize students with the influential players on the international business scene; (3) introduce students to the fundamentals of international trade and investment; and (4) develop an international perspective. Learning Outcomes Analyse economic and global trends, changing international trade patterns, foreign direct investment flows, differences in economic growth rates among countries, and the impact of cross-cultural differences to draw conclusions relevant to international firms. Develop an internationalisation strategy for a firm that wishes to expand abroad by taking into consideration the legal constraints, ethical and social issues, cross-cultural characteristics, economic environment, political factors and foreign exchange issues. Assess the impact of foreign exchange on the firm’s decision to internationalise. Develop a critical point of view on globalisation and its actors. The course is divided into three parts. Part I (chs. 1, 2 and 10) provides an overview of the international context. Part II (chs. 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13, 17 and 19) explores legal, cultural, social responsibility, strategic, collaborative and logistical challenges when operating internationally. Part III (chs. 6, 7, 8, 9 and 18) focuses on international trade theory, trade policies and foreign investment
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MGCR382-IB-syllabus-Winter-2010 - INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS...

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