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Jae Hyun Kim Experiment 1 Problem 1.8 Part a) The largest numbers of mutually profitable trades that I can arrange for Session 1 and Session 2 are 22 and 23 respective, under the condition where only one bushel of apple can be traded for each participant. (If each participant can sell or buy more than one bushel of apples, then the answer will be higher). The total income I will make in commission will be 44 and 46 for each session. Part b) I would arrange the transactions, matching with low-cost sellers with high-value
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Unformatted text preview: demanders in order to maximize my profits (under the condition where both participants can mutually profit any amount of money). Part c) The larger the totally profits of buyers and sellers are, the higher my own profits there will be. Similar to part b, matching low-cost sellers with high-value demanders will produce the largest profit available when both participants can mutually have any amount of profit....
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