CH204 Syllabus spring 2010

CH204 Syllabus spring 2010 - CH 204 Introduction to...

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CH 204 – Introduction to Chemical Practice Spring 2009 Instructor: Dr. Donna C. Lyon Office: WEL 5.220B Phone: (512) 471-4504 E-mail: Office hours: Tuesday, 1-2PM; Monday, Wednesday & Thursday, 10-11AM. COURSE WEB PAGE (Blackboard): The course web site has announcements and useful information, pdf versions of lectures slides (posted the weekend before the lecture) and pdf versions of all handouts given out in class. It also has a TA list with e-mail addresses and a listing of TA office hours. QUEST HOMEWORK SYSTEM : / The Quest homework system will be used to administer and submit answers for pre-lab & post-lab assignments. All quizzes will be taken through Quest. The course grades for all assignments will also be available on this Website. To access this course in Quest: a) Enter your UT EID b) Make sure your browser is supported (read the help topics for information concerning your browser if you are unable to register in Quest for this course) c) When you view "My Courses", if you don't see any courses listed, click "Enroll in new course". Use the course unique number for your lab section and enter this when prompted. Dr. Lyon will be notified that you want to register, and you will see a status message indicating that your enrollment is pending. d) Viewing and submitting your assignment. Choose My Courses to view your course listings, and then choose a course to see the assignments associated with that course. Click on an individual assignment to see problems and a form to submit your answers. Problems have many different variations, so your assignment will be different from another student in your class. All assignments have due dates and your instructor has the option of displaying a solution after the due date has passed. Teaching Assistants: Announced on Blackboard TA office hours: Announced on Blackboard Storeroom: Tiffany Murray (WEL 4.134) Undergraduate Chemistry Office: WEL 2.212 Phone: (512) 471-1567, (512) 471- 4983 Address all questions regarding registration, add/drop, etc. to this office. The last date to drop this course without possible academic penalty is February 15, 2010. Required course materials and supplies 1. Leytner, S. General Chemistry E-Lab Manual ; McGraw-Hill Higher Education, Spring 2010 edition (available through the Web). a. Use your browser to go to b. Click “First time User’s” and then “I am a Student” c. Click “Buy Online” 4. Enter your email address and click the Submit button. d. Follow the instructions to set up your personal User ID and Password. e. Write your User ID and Password down for future reference. Keep them in a safe place as you will need them to login and view the ebook each subsequent time you visit the custom site. f.
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CH204 Syllabus spring 2010 - CH 204 Introduction to...

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