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QUIZ 10 NAME 1________Which of the following is NOT an assumption of Hardy-Weinberg theorem? A. There are no mutations. B. The population is very large. C. there is no migration of individuals into or out of the population. D. Mating is random. 2________ True/False : The Hardy-Weinberg theorem provides a model in which allele frequencies in a population do not change and evolution does not occur 3________Which is considered as the basic unit of evolution? A. the ecological system B. the individual organism C. the species D. the population 4________Link the following databases to their categories:
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Unformatted text preview: I. GenBank, II. SWISS-PROT III. PubMed IV. OMIM a. Literature database b. Protein database c. Genetic disorders database d. Nucleotide database aIII, bII, cIV,dI 5_________Which of the following is a valid FASTA format? A. //gi|1003|ref|NM_0004 ATTCCGAAATTGCCCTAATTTTTTCGCCAGAGCCT…. B. 1 MHSSIVLATV LFVAIASASK TRELCMKSLE HAKVGTSKEA 41 KQDGIDLYKH MFEHYPAMKK YFKHRENYTP ADVQKDPFFI 81 KQGQNILLAC HVLCATYDDR ETFDAYVGEL MARHERD… C. >byu1 MHSSIVLATVLFVAIASASKTRELCMKSLEHAKVGT… D. NM_001141984|2068 bp|Sus scrofa ATTTCCTTAGGTATATACAAGCCCTTCGGTATACGG…...
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