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QUIZ 9 NAME: 1) BLAST is used to: a) visualize protein structure b) find similar sequences c) find the different diseases associated with the gene in question d) perform a literature search 2) Regarding the expressed sequence tags (ESTs): a) They are short pieces of the transcribed gene sequence b) there can be many such pieces in the database per gene c) you can perform sequence alignment to find a candidate whole gene sequence based on the ESTs d) all of the above 3) Clustalw is a tool to: a) align multiple sequences and visualize their alignment
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Unformatted text preview: b) predict protein function based on gene sequence c) model protein structure d) find homologous sequences 4) If you initially have 2 double-stranded DNA molecules, how many double stranded DNA molecules do you have after 2 cycles of PCR? a) 4 molecules b) 8 molecules c) 16 molecules d) 6 molecules 5) Order the following events in one PCR cycle: 1. Temperature rises 2. Primers attach 3. Strands replicate 4. DNA denatures a) 1,4,2,3, b) 4,1,2,3 c) 2,3,4,1 d) 3,1,2,4...
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