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QUIZ 6 NAME: 1_____ If crossing over has taken place in Sordaria fimicola , the arrangement of spores might be: A. All black B. All tan C. 4 black : 4 tan D. 2 black : 4 tan : 2 black 2_______ A cell with (2n = 4) chromosomes undergoes one round of meiosis. What are the resulting daughter cells? a) 4 daughter cells with 2 chromosomes b) 2 daughter cells with 4 chromosomes c) 4 daughter cells with 4 chromosomes d) 2 daughter cells with 2 chromosomes 3_______ A gene that is sex-linked is?
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Unformatted text preview: a) located on any chromosome b) located on either the X or Y chromosome c) located on any chromosome except a sex chromosome d) none of the above 4. ._______Fully recessive traits are expressed when present in A. homozygous B. heterozygous only C. homozygous or heterozygous D. none of the above 5________Male and female flies are different in what respect? a) size b) shape of abdomen c) abdominal pigmentation d) all of the above...
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