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Quiz#1 Name____________________________ 1. Hemoglobin (the protein of the blood, which carries oxygen) appears red because: a) absorbs red light b) absorbs blue and green light much more efficiently than red light c) transmits and reflects blue and green light d) absorbs yellow light 2. A colorimetric assay is sensitive when: a) measures only the compound intended to be measured b) measures small amount of the colored substance c) has broad linear range
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Unformatted text preview: d) neither of the above 3. In Bradford assay proteins bind to Coomassie dye. Upon binding the dye: a) changes its color b) changes its concentration c) increases its solubility d) increases the solubility of the protein 4. What are the subunits of polysaccharides? A. Monosaccharides B. Starch C. Glucose D. Amino Acids 5. Which would give a positive result for Lugol’s Iodine test? A. cellulose B. starch C. sucrose D. glucose...
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