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Organic Chemistry Lab Experiment title: Column Chromatography and Thin Layer Chromatography Introduction/Purpose of experiment: The main purpose of this experiment was to separate a mixture of fluorene and fluorenone using column chromatography and then verify the degree of separation based on thin layer chromatography. Column chromatography utilizes polarity and two different phases, stationary and mobile, to separate compounds. The stationary phase binds compounds while the mobile phase pushes them down the column; the compounds that interact with the stationary phase more strongly will move more slowly. Over time, column chromatography will separate different compounds in the mixture based on their respective affinities. For the experiment, we performed fractional elution which simply means that more than one eluant (mobile phase) of different polarity was used. The type of column chromatography has the packing material of the stationary phase as a polar absorbent, while the reverse phase has glass beads coated with non polar hydrocarbon film. The difference in results will then be that the normal phase allows for the least polar compound to elute first while the reverse phase allows for the most polar compound to elute first. Main reaction/equation: Synthesis of fluorenone by oxidation of fluorene Data: Components Molecular Formula Formula Weight Melting Point Amount Used Alumina Al 2 O 3 101.96 g/mol 2072 ˚C 5.009g Petroleum Ether Mix Mix -73 ˚C ~70 mL Methylene Chloride CH 2 Cl 2 84.933 g/mol -97 ˚C ~20 mL Fluorene/Fluorenon e mixture C 13 H 10 /C 13 H 8 O 166.223 g/mol //180.192 g/mol 117 ˚C /83.5 ˚C 15 drops Procedure Column Chromatography:
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The column was packed with 5.009 g of alumina with pre-stuffed cotton and layered sand (about 1 cm). Petroleum ether was then added as the solvent, and then another cm of sand
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Orgo4 - Organic Chemistry Lab Experiment title: Column...

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