Orgo2 - Organic Chemistry Lab Experiment title Addition of...

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Organic Chemistry Lab Experiment title: Addition of HBr to 1-hexene (microscale) Introduction: During this experiment, we worked with concentrated hydrogen bromide (HBr) and 1-hexene, an alkene. To understand what occurs with the addition of HBr to 1- hexene, we refer to Markonikov’s rule, which states that if an unsymmetrical reagent is added to a double bond, the positively charged ion derived from that reagent will attach to the carbon of the double bond that already has the most hydrogens. The negatively charged species then adds to the other carbon of the double bond. A very important part of this lab is the reflux process, which is the process of boiling reactants while continually cooling the vapor and returning it back to the flask as a liquid. It is used to heat a mixture for extended periods and at certain temperatures. This process lasts for two hours, followed by two extractions of aqueous layers, and the distillation process. Purpose of experiment: The purpose of this experiment is to determine the regiochemistry of the polar addition of hydrogen bromide (HBr) to an alkene. Reagents: Reagent Amount 1-hexene .5 mL Hydrobromic Acid (aq) 2mL Petroleum ether 2mL Sodium bicarbonate solution Anhydrous sodium sulfate .5mL several microspatula-tips full Data tables: Weight of labeled vial Weight of labeled vial with organic product Weight of organic product (by subtraction) 9.573 g
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Orgo2 - Organic Chemistry Lab Experiment title Addition of...

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