Test 1 Review 2010

Test 1 Review 2010 - Special Populations Discretion What...

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Test 1 Review Criminal Justice System can be describe as a system Terms Exchange Arrest Warrant Indictment Booking Plea Bargain Adjudication Know the roles of Judge, Prosecutor Public Defender, Defense attorney Low number of case goes to trial 10% Types of Crime Visible, Victimless, Occupational, Organized Misdemeanors, Felonies Male in Se Mala Prohibita Wedding Cake Model Samuel walker Herbert Packer Crime control V Due Process Model UCR; what is it: Hate crimes: all crimes motivated by bias against individuals of a particular race etc, What may contribute to fear of crime? Criminal Theory Classical School Who was the father Lombroso what was his theory Freud and Psychological theory Control Theories Police: Law enforcement, Service Order Maintenance, Implementing a mandate
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Unformatted text preview: Special Populations Discretion: What are the factors? Robert Peels Mandate John Q Wilson 3 Styles of Policing Police Stress What is Procedural and Substantive law? Who is responsible for each Mens Rea Actus Rea. And attendant circumstance Defense: Entrapment Necessity Insanity 4 types Very few defendants use the insanity defense, Supreme Court Warren and Burger courts due process period landmark decisions Cases: Mapp v Ohio , Weeks V United States. Barron v Baltimore Gideon v Wainwright Miranda V Arizona Powell v Alabama Bill of rights 14 th , 4 th 5th , 6 th 8 th amendment Search and seizure Police Working Personality Police subculture...
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Test 1 Review 2010 - Special Populations Discretion What...

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