3-16 - Pricing: Price Reservation: Airport prices,...

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Negotiation. Markstrat Presentation Minutes… Presentation Schedule Hints…. Not just a history… record Topics 1. Analysis of performance 2. Strategy pursued 3. Adjustments to environment changes For (target statement) the (product) is a (category) that (statement). Tips for Markstrat Don’t economize on market studies Buy it Avoid much risk Use awareness, purchase intent and consumer panel data!!! Consider dropping advertising budget for mature brands. Worry abt relative marketing Inflation 3% Copy successful brands Sonite market will mature
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Unformatted text preview: Pricing: Price Reservation: Airport prices, willingness of customer to pay. Strategic Pricing Gap: Bundling: package Schwab: 1. Cut cost and pricevalue 2. TTC differentiation. .effective test . . low relative spending 3. 4% of industry for Ads 1% of market share 4. Request $200 m . .$55 mill for TTC 5. Training to sales people 6. Too many segments 7. Branding Statement : 8. Media that was not used by traditional investment bankers like coffee chelves 9. TTC: Informal Direct Personal...
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3-16 - Pricing: Price Reservation: Airport prices,...

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