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Sagar Dedhia 905387447 Product Strategy Memo 1 Organic Growth at Wal-mart Case These days the Organic food market is growing at a much higher rate than the overall food market. A lot of retailers are catching up with this and trying to gain the market share or to reap the benefits of this growth. Wal-mart also thought in similar lines and was planning to remodel its stores to attract higher grade customer base. This remodeling might cost Wal-mart to post decline in its profits for the first time after long time. One of the biggest Organic stores posted high profits but that was opposite for
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Unformatted text preview: other such store. Wal-mart is always perceived as low price seller and it will take lot of time for people to realize the change in it. Morever the kind of segment Wal-mart is targeting already has a lot of retail chains targeted at it and they are doing well. This change at Wal-mart might in turn affect Wal-marts image and it might loose its Loyal customers and also not gain the share of the new customer base it is targeting....
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