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marketing memo 4 - problem in discontinuing it is that...

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Sagar Dedhia 905387447 Marketing Management Memo 4 Chapter 12: Channels of Distribution There are many different channel structures, no one channel system is appropriate for every industry. The channel gives customers access to your products and services and is a value chain in which different members of the system add value and are compensated accordingly. Channel power enables a channel member to exert some authority to get another member to do something it would not otherwise do on its own. Uniglobe Case The entire case revolves around the decision to whether continue with the SLS division or merge it with some other division or to completely stop it. The situation arised since SLS was not doing business as predicted for Uniglobe which was a beauty products manufacturing company, and it had a separate division which manufactured and distributed in Philipines. There were quite a few other solutions to this problems but each one of it had its own shortcoming. The
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Unformatted text preview: problem in discontinuing it is that they would loose the penetration and some share of market given solely by SLS. Chapter 9: Pricing The four main components of price are the marketing strategy, customer value, willingness to pay, competitors prices and costs. The possible relationships among perceived value, price and cost are 1. Perceived Value > Price > Cost 2. Price> perceived value> cost 3. Price > Cost >Perceived Value Price should always be set greater than variable costs. However cost based pricing is difficult to implement because there are many kinds of costs. Customer value is the monetary value a customer places on your product. You can measure customer value directly by calculating the monetary benefits of your product or service by using survey approaches....
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