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Sagar Dedhia 905387447 Marketing Management Memo 10 Chapter 6: Market Structure and competitor Analysis Most marketing managers can identify the competitors that are the most direct. However a broad voew of competition should include a consideration of other organizations that are attempting to satisfy the same set of needs and benefits as your products does. Once you have completed a marketing structure analysis you should analyze the most critical competition identified to better understand their objectives, strengths and weakness and to predict their likely future strategy. Areas to consider for supporting Marketing Mix are: Price, Communication, Distribution, Product or service capabilities. Competitor Strengths and Weakness: The ability of the competitor to conceive and design new products, the ability of each competitor to produce the product or deliver the service, the ability to market, The ability to finance, The abitliy to manage. Primary Sources of Information: Sales force and customers, Employees, Suppliers, Trade Shows, Reverse
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marketing memo 8 - Sagar Dedhia 905387447 Marketing...

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