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other Teams Strategy - presense in both ‘low end’ and...

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Team ‘U’ lost its share. I regained stock price. But ‘I’ pays a lot of money as interest and inventory costs. Its strategy over a period of time has been changing. ‘O’ is doing steady, but it has dropped its 1 product. But ‘O’ is certainly not a threat. Looking at the current reason of U getting down it is not much of a threat any more, the only team which can be a threat amongst the 3 could be I, since it has its share in Vodite market also. I lost miserably in Sonite market, but its stocks rose only due to no competition in Vodite market. Team I : Its net Cap is bad and Cumulative net cap is also bad. Where it gets the edge is that it has
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Unformatted text preview: presense in both ‘low end’ and ‘high end’ products of Vodite. Its pricing for Sonite is 150 and 300 for low and high end products. Now as we had discussed about the share the distributor gets, according to that logic their products do not appear on the shelf. Hence they lost more than 50% in both categories due to their pricing. They even have the lowest budget and in every place be it contribution before or after marketing they are the last. Team U: Price 185 and 410. No presence in Vodite market . Its sales have come down as compared to its last period performance....
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