Appellate Courts - Written Enactment • Warranty •...

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Appellate Courts: Common Law Appellate courts cannot award or increase punitive damages, but can reduce punitive damages Appellate courts of the states are primarily responsible for strict tort product liability tules Substantive Law Procedural Law Civil Law No crime exists except as stated in written enactment passed by a legislative entity Trial Courts find facts and apply common law and or apply written enactment The Doctrine of Stare Decisis is applicable in applying and interpreting Written Enactment as well as in applying and creating Common Law
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Unformatted text preview: Written Enactment: • Warranty • Jurisdiction Legislative Activities: • Written Enactment Legislative Entities: • Statutes (Acts, Codes) • Criminal Law • Legislative bodies can alter Common Law, Written Enactment or interpretation of Written Enactment set forth by appellate courts • State legislatures were responsible for Warranty rules coming into existence State and Federal Agencies: • Rules and Regulations (Codes) Trial Court: • The losing party in a court annexed arbitration proceeding still has a right to a trial court proceeding...
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Appellate Courts - Written Enactment • Warranty •...

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