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ORACLE Server Architecture

ORACLE Server Architecture - Oracle Server Architecture...

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Node 1 Node x Storage Subsystem Storage Subsystem Client Listener Data Guard Broker - Manager - CLI RAC Guard Failsafe Server Management - Server Control OSD Clusterware Application Server Enterprise Manager Directory Services Heterogeneous Services Advanced Replication Advanced Queuing Utilities - Export / Import - SQL*Loader - Recovery Manager Standby Database Database Instance x Instance 1 Instance Standby Node Parameter File Password File Parameter File Alert.log Trace Files (Dump Destination) External Tables SGA PGA DBWn CKPT SMON RECO PMON DMON (+ Config File) DMON (+ Config File) QMNn Agent DMON (+ Config File) Agent GSD CM LMON LMD0 LMSn LCK0 LMON LMD0 LMSn LCK0 GSD CM Snnn (Shared Server) Dnnn (Dispatcher) Snnn Dnnn CJQ0 Jnnn LGWR LNSV (synch) (asynch) LGWn ARCn ARCn (Background Processes) (Background Processes) (Plus Standard Background Processes) Large Pool - Parallel exec. message buffers - RMAN backup/restore - Shared Server UGA (User Session Memory) Java Pool Cache PGA Private SQL
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