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ME 176 Final Exam, Fall 1999 Name: __________________________________________ Page 1 of 10 Saturday, December 11, 8:00–11:00 AM, 1999. Answer all questions for a maximum of 100 points. Please write all answers in the space provided. If you need more space, there is an additional space at the end. Indicate your answer as clearly as possible for each question. Write your name at the top of each page as indicated. Read each question very carefully! ____________________________________________________________________________________ 1. (10 points total) Skeletal Loading Figure 1 depicts a schematic of the proximal femur with the joint contact J and abductor A forces shown, during the single legged stance phase of gait. Show, with your own free-body diagram analysis, why the angle b must always be greater than angle a . Figure 1 2. (20 points total) Dynamic Analysis of the Skeleton Impact to the head during automobile accidents represents a serious injury. These injuries are particularly sensitive to the type of safety restraint used. Consider the special case where a seatbelt is used but without shoulder strap. A crash test dummy model is used to investigate head forces at impact. Assume that the upper torso and head act as a rigid body consisting of a uniform slender rod of mass m and length L (Figure 2). Immediately before vehicular impact (t<T o ), assume that the mass center of the torso/head complex is moving at a horizontal velocity v , and that at some time after impact (t>T 1 ), the head hits the dashboard when the torso is at an angle q to the horizontal. During the period of vehicular impact (T o <t<T 1 ), the vertical and horizontal forces at the hip were gathered as functions of time by strain gauges in the seatbelt (Figure 3). For this situation:
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bioe119-fall99-final-Keaveny-exam - ME 176 Final Exam, Fall...

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