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ME/BIOE C176 Mid-Term Exam, Spring 2001 Name: ______________________________ Wednesday, February 28, 9:30–11:00 AM , 2001. Please write all answers in the space provided. If you need additional space, write on the back sides. Indicate your answer as clearly as possible for each question. Write your name at the top of each page as indicated. ______________________________________________________________________________ 1. (15 points total) Forces and Moments at Joints A. Estimate the force (in terms of body weight) acting in the erector spinae muscles (spine extensors) for holding a weight of one-tenth body-weight with arms outstretched and back bent. State all assumptions. B. Development of abdominal pressure is thought to decrease loading of the spine, but this is controversial. Briefly explain this controversy using free-body diagrams to support your analysis. Page 1 of 7
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ME/BIOE C176 Mid-Term Exam, Spring 2001 Name: ______________________________ 2. (15 points total) Joint Dynamics Figure 1 shows a simplified diagram of the head, rotating in the counter clockwise direction about the fixed point o , which is the center of the occipital condylar joint at the base of the head. The neck and torso are fixed, simulating a vehicle at full stop after hitting a rigid obstacle with the torso ideally restrained by a seat belt. In this situation, the unrestrained head will continue to move ( i.e. rotate about its base) although the neck and torso are at rest. Convert Figure 1 into a free-body diagram as follows. The (joint) contact force
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bioe119-Spring2001-mt1-Keaveny-exam - ME/BIOE C176 Mid-Term...

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