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350Syllabus2009Spring_20090406 - STAT 350 Statistical...

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STAT 350: Statistical Methods Spring 2009 Instructor : Dr. Shannon M. Knapp email: [email protected] office: HAAS 114 office phone: 496-9541 mailbox: located in HAAS 164 office hours: Standard Office Hours: MF 1-2 p.m. and W 2-3 p.m. Additional office hours will be scheduled as needed Description A data-oriented introduction to the fundamental concepts and methods of applied statistics. STAT 350 is intended primarily for majors in the mathematical sciences (Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, or Statistics). It covers material similar to that of STAT 511 (for engineering and physical sciences). Students from these majors may take STAT 350 if space is available. STAT 350 is more software-intensive and covers more data- analytic material or STAT 511, but does less formal probability. Textbook Required: Devore and Farnum, Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, 2nd Edition Optional: Cody & Smith, Applied Statistics and SAS Programming Language, 5th Edition Course Website http://www.stat.purdue.edu/~knappsm/STAT350_2009Spring/main.htm Lecture Notes Skeleton lecture notes will be posted on the course webpage. You are expected to bring these to class with you daily. Be prepared with future notes in case we get a little ahead of schedule. Mailing List An email list will be arranged for this course. Emails will be sent to your official Purdue email address. I will occasionally send email to this list with any special announcements or reminders. You are responsible for any information sent to this list. Missed Classes I do not take attendance; however, I do expect you to be in class and on time. You are responsible for obtaining missed notes and announcements from classmates. I also expect you to attend the section for which you are registered. Occasional exceptions must obtain prior permission. Grading Policy Your overall percentage in the course will be determined as follows: 20% homework, 15% Labs, 20% Midterm 1, 20% Midterm 2, 25% Final Exam. At the end of the semester, your lowest 2 Lab score s and your lowest 2 Homework score s will be dropped. If you have to miss class due to a job interview, or university-sponsored activities you must turn in your homework in advance to receive credit. Your homework, lab, and exam grades will be posted on Blackboard. You should check there often to make sure that the posted scores are correct. In the event of a major campus emergency, course requirements, deadlines and grading percentages are subject to changes that may be necessitated by a revised semester calendar or other circumstances. Should this occur, information on the changes in this course will be posted on the course website.
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