1st Exam - Key - CHEM 131 Exam Wednesday, March 4, 2009...

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CHEM 131 Exam Wednesday, March 4, 2009 4:15 pm –6:15 pm Student Name: ___________________________________ Student ID N°: ______________ Instructions : 1. Please read the following text. By writing your name and student ID at the top of this page you are agreeing to accept these rules for taking this exam. “I pledge that I have neither received nor offered any unauthorized assistance during the completion of this exam.” Any incident will be reported to the Student Affairs Office . 2. Spend a few minutes to read through the whole paper carefully. 3. The questions have varying points, as shown in the table below. Plan the use of your time carefully so that you will be able to work on all the questions in the allotted time. 4. This exam paper has 6 total pages, numbered 1 to 6. You are also provided a data sheet. Please do not write on the data sheet. For full credit on the problems, you must show all work , and if applicable, give the answer to the correct number of significant figures . Points Possible Score Points Possible Score Question 1 8 Question 7 8 Question 2 4 Question 8 6 Question 3 10 Question 9 15 Question 4 7 Question 10 10 Question 5 9 Question 11 15 Question 6 8 Total Score 100 1
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1. A silver coin has a mass of 26.73 g and contains 90.0% by mass of silver, the remaining 10.0% is copper. Today, silver sells for 19.50 dirham per troy ounce (1 troy ounce equals 31.1 g). Calculate how many silver coins are required to obtain 1000. dirham of silver. coins
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1st Exam - Key - CHEM 131 Exam Wednesday, March 4, 2009...

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