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speech final - 3 One speech that really sticks out in my...

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Amanda Richardson 1. A good speaker must be knowledgeable on the subject that is being talked about. You need to know where you got your resources from and be able to discuss them clearly. When presenting a speech it is a good idea to dress nice and not wear something that is going to distract the audience. 2. I think that I have improved greatly since my first speech. I remember I was really nervous my first couple of speeches and read almost word for word from my note card. It still is hard for me to not stare at my note cards but, I think that is something that I have improved on and I will continue to improve on with my practice. By my last speech I was able to relax more and give my speech in a more conversational tone. I still need to improve on slowing down when speaking but I think that, that has improved also. I didn’t seem to get as many comments about it on my last speech.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. One speech that really sticks out in my mind was a speech that Zachary gave to us. I believe it was an informative speech on why we should go out and vote and voice our opinion. He kept my interest by being funny and using great examples like about George W. Bush. When he showed us a picture of George Bush he imitated the calendar he had and held up three fingers like the picture showed except Zachary has one finger that is shorter than the others and he made it humorous. He had great hand gestures and kept great eye contact. He had a lot of enthusiasm for his subject so we all wanted to be involved too. He didn’t do anything that would distract us from his speaking and he spoke very clearly so we could all understand him. He used his visual aid well and it kept the audience interested. He was funny but very informative and I thought that he did a great job that day....
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