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CS 61A Lecture Notes Week 2 Topic: Higher-order procedures Reading: Note that we are skipping 1.2; we’ll get to it later. Because of this, never mind for now the stuF about iterative versus recursive processes in 1.3 and in the exercises from that section. We’re all done teaching you the syntax of Scheme; from now on it’s all big ideas! This week’s big idea is function as object (that is, being able to manipulate functions as data) as opposed to the more familiar view of function as process, in which there is a sharp distinction between program and data. The usual metaphor for function as process is a recipe. In that metaphor, the recipe tells you what to do, but you can’t eat the recipe; the food ingredients are the “real things” on which the recipe operates. But this week we take the position that a function is just as much a “real thing” as a number or text string is. Compare the
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