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Unformatted text preview: roughly like this: (define (mapreduce mapper reducer base-case data) ; handwavy approximation (groupreduce groupreduce groupreduce reducer base-case (sort-into-buckets sort-into-buckets sort-into-buckets (map map map mapper data)))) (define (groupreduce reducer base-case buckets) (map (lambda (subset) (make-kv-pair (kv-key (car subset)) (reduce reducer base-case (map kv-value subset)))) buckets)) As a first example, we’ll take some grades from various exams and add up the grades for each student. This example doesn’t require map . Here’s the raw data: (define mt1 ’((cs61a-xc . 27) (cs61a-ya . 40) (cs61a-xw . 35) (cs61a-xd . 38) (cs61a-yb . 29) (cs61a-xf . 32))) (define mt2 ’((cs61a-yc . 32) (cs61a-xc . 25) (cs61a-xb . 40) (cs61a-xw . 27) (cs61a-yb . 30) (cs61a-ya . 40))) (define mt3 ’((cs61a-xb . 32) (cs61a-xk . 34) (cs61a-yb . 30) (cs61a-ya . 40) (cs61a-xc . 28) (cs61a-xf . 33))) Each midterm in this toy problem corresponds to the output of a parallel map operation in a real problem.operation in a real problem....
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