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Unformatted text preview: Dont get the idea that DDP just means a two-dimensional table of operator and type names! DDP is a very general, great idea. It means putting the details of a system into data, rather than into programs, so you can write general programs instead of very specific ones. In the old days, every time a company got a computer they had to hire a bunch of programmers to write things like payroll programs for them. They couldnt just use someone elses program because the details would be different, e.g., how many digits in the employee number. These days you have general business packages and each company can tune the program to their specific purpose with a data file. Another example showing the generality of DDP is the compiler compiler . It used to be that if you wanted to invent a new programming language you had to start from scratch in writing a compiler for it. But now we have formal notations for expressing the syntax of the language. (See section 7.1, page 38, of the Scheme...
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