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Unformatted text preview: Within the default method, the name message refers to whatever message was sent. (The name args refers to a list containing any additional arguments that were used.) Let’s say we want to maintain a list of all the instances that have been created in a certain class. It’s easy enough to establish the list as a class variable, but we also have to make sure that each new instance automatically adds itself to the list. We do this with an initialize clause: ;;;;; In file cs61a/lectures/3.0/demo2.scm (define-class (counter) (instance-vars (count 0)) (class-vars (total 0) (counters ’())) (initialize (set! counters (cons self counters))) (method (next) (set! total (+ total 1)) (set! count (+ count 1)) (list count total))) > (define c1 (instantiate counter)) > (define c2 (instantiate counter)) > (ask counter ’counters) (#<procedure> #<procedure>) There was a bug in our pigger class definition; Scheme gets into an infinite loop if we ask Porky to greet , because it tries to translate the word...
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